Information sessions

Prior to consulting with me and retaining my services, I provide a free half hour information session which basically educates you on the various legal procedures that I use and offer.

If you decide to use my services, a consultation will then be set up.


I generally recommend that you allow up to 1hour for an initial, comprehensive consultation.

During the consultation, we will:

  • get an overview of your situation
  • see what issues you need to address immediately
  • review your options with respect to the next steps

There is no obligation to retain our services after a consultation, this process is entirely voluntary. Once you have the knowledge and information available to you it is your decision as to how you wish to proceed.

If you do decide to use my services, then a retainer (deposit) will be taken and the amount of the retainer will be discussed with you.


While this practice is restricted to family law, we work cooperatively with other lawyers and professionals and we are able to recommend other professionals to our clients, such as pension valuators, real estate appraisers, counsellors, coaches, financial advisors etc. Most of the professionals we work with have all been trained in collaborative practice.

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